Obtaining Archival Documents

We provide legal services for obtaining Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.

Law firm Sion & Partners provide services for searching and obtaining archival documents in Kazakhstan.

We provide search services for the following documents:

✔ Birth Certificates

✔Certificates of Paternity

✔Marriage / Divorce Certificates

✔Death Certificate

✔ All types of certificates and documents related to the registration of acts of civil status in Kazakhstan

Each request for the search for documents is processed in all available archives, both in the electronic database of documents and in primary sources (books of registration of births, marriages, etc.)

To search for your documents we need:

notarized power of attorney

approximate period when the event was recorded (birth, marriage, etc.)

documents confirming your relationship with the person in respect of which documents need to be reissued

When receiving your request, one of the main and important stages is a preliminary analysis of the available documents and information, which allows us to predict possible search options for the required document.

Why is it necessary to restore archived documents?

Often, the question of restoring documents of close relatives arises in connection with the intention of a person to obtain citizenship of another state. For example. When applying for Israeli citizenship at an interview with the consul, you must provide the maximum possible number of archival documents proving your Jewish origin. These can be not only archival certificates and extracts from birth registers, but also extracts from the characteristics and personal files of your ancestors proving the Jewish origin of your grandmother or great-grandmother.